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Retainer Promotion

Retainers: Preserving Your Perfect Smile

Retainers play a crucial role in maintaining the alignment of your teeth post-orthodontic treatment. Once your braces are removed, our expert orthodontists will provide you with the perfect retainer solution.

Clear Retainer:

Crafted from transparent, colorless plastic, the clear retainer offers a discreet option. By taking an impression of your teeth using thermoplastic material, we create a custom-fit retainer for you. In just 3-7 days, you’ll receive your retainer, allowing you to maintain your smile without drawing unnecessary attention.

Wire Retainer:

Combining an acrylic base with carefully crafted wire, the wire retainer is as fashionable as it is functional. Embrace the opportunity to express your personality by selecting from a range of stunning colors and delightful cartoon designs. Like the clear retainer, this option ensures your teeth remain beautifully aligned.

Don’t let your smile lose its brilliance. Embrace the power of retainers to preserve your dental investment and enjoy a lifetime of confidence and oral well-being.

Retainer Promotion

Retainer promotion

Retainer promotion detail :

 Clear Retainer just only 4,300 THB from 6,000 THB
Wire Retainer just only 4,500 THB from 6,000 THB

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