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Types of Treatable Cases

           There are so many questions about Why you might need braces? About Tooth Dental Clinic will be explain what types of braces our orthodontics recommend

1. Overbite

           An overbite is when the top jaw and teeth overlop the lower jaw and teeth. Dentist and Orthodontist refer to overbite as a type malocculsion. It can often by hereditary with some people being born with a jaw that is too big or too small for the teeth resulting in crowding or large spaces and overbite. Overbite can lead to several factors such as thumb sucking, extended pacifier use or pushing on teeth with their tongue. Braces are effective for treating most overbite people. In case of severe issue, which lead to stop growing to correct the relationship between the upper and lower jaws be also treated by Orthodontic Surgery.

2. Underbite

          An underbite is a term for a dental condition characterized by lower teeth that extand outward further than the upper front teeth. This condition is also called prognathism. It can cause by genetically inherited. Teeth grow in such a way that upper teeth fit a little over the lower teeth. Other effects of an underbite including eating, chewing or teeth grinding. Underbite brace or clear aligners can also correct milder cases. Sometimes, surgery and clear aligners may be help together to repair and underbite. In extream cases underbite surgery is recommended. It reshapes and shortens the lower jaw.

3. Deep bite

          Deep bite occurs when there is an abnormal vertical overlap between the upper and lower teeth. It can causes other long term issue such as difficulty biting and chewing. However, a deep bite can sometimes be a esthetic concern as well. For treatment Braces and Clear aligners can correct many cases of deep bite.

4. Open bite

          An open bite is characterized by a vertical gab between the front upper and front lower teeth when biting down. Having an open bite can cause problem with speech as well as aesthetic issues, leading to lowself confident. However, It can also be caused by certain habits and behavior such as tongue trusting or sucking the thumb. Open bite may happen in patients who have a horizontal or hypodivergent growth pattern. The orthodontist will provide a diagnosis in person examination and may consider treatment with miniscrew tooth extraction or corrected the open bite with braces.

5. Spacing teeth

          Teeth spacing is a dental condition characterized by gaps between several teeth. It can result from an anatomical abnormality in jaw structure or from disparities between the upper and lower jaw during growth. It may also be caused by tooth migration after extraction. There are so many orthodontic option to fix teeth spacing including braces as well as clear aligners.

6. Crowding teeth

         Crowding teeth is when the teeth do not fit into the jaw properly because there is a lack of space. It can be because the bone is too small to accomodate all of the teeth or it has not grown the right amout. Tooth crowding can leave you more vulnerable to gum diseases because crowded teeth are more difficult to keep clean. They create deeper areas where food particles can become trapped and bacteria can accumulate.

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